Friday, January 30, 2009

Three card draw: Body-Mind-Spirit?

A few months ago I decided a 'back to basics' approach might be best for my tarot studies right now. My decision to use the Hanson-Roberts decks is largely influenced by that, and the Primary Deck Reflections (PDR) is right up my alley. For one year, I will reflect on this deck in some manner at least once per week. I have been concentrating on 3 card readings for myself, using the Body-Mind-Spirit format. I am well acquainted with each of the card meanings, and I can usually find a meaning that matches for the particular position in a spread. What needs further development is tying it all together. Seeing the bigger picture.

6 of Cups - 5 of Pentacles - Temperance

So at first, same old thing, this card mean this, this card means that. After letting it sit for a while, playing around putting the cards in different order, different positions (not in a line), I am feeling the meanings come pouring in (look out-here comes that wave!) In challenging times of mental stress I seek out creature comforts, but to keep my spirit healthy I have to remember to keep it in moderation and take the good with the bad. In other words, childishly seeking pleasure can become like a crutch, which isolates us and prevents us from connecting with the divine aspects of our true selves. If like was forever idyllic, we would remain children forever. It is by confronting challenge and crisis that we become balanced and grow into mature spiritual beings. I don't want to go into too many details, but I have acted like a child this week, and isolated myself as a result. Luckily it is only temporary, and pretty easily resolved I'm sure.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Blog Post

Time to try something new. New for me anyway. I tend to be an intensely private person, to a point of contention in my relationship, so posting a public journal is out there for me. The major theme of this blog will be my study and acquisition of tarots. It's been nearly 15 years since I purchased my first tarot deck, although I really couldn't say when I first became aware and interested in the subject. Since then I have amassed a collection that now numbers over 300 tarots and some 50 other decks in the form of oracles, games, trading cards, etc. Only a small fraction of those have been reading decks for me, and in the past few years I find myself primarily reading with just one deck, the small, simple, yet very special Hanson-Roberts Tarot (c) 1984 U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Why? It's easy to shuffle because of the size, the card backs are pretty, and the close-ups make it easier to connect with the people depicted and get what's going on.
I suppose I should kick this off with a draw, so what does the tarot have to say to me right now re: this blog? Page of Cups. The page is a student, someone beginning to develop her empathic abilities. This page wears her heart on her sleeve in the form of a brooch, similar to the vulnerability I feel putting my thoughts on a public space. She has a fish in her cup which represents imagination, I imagine that I will begin writing a little more, perhaps developing some of my readings into creative short stories. A large wave breaks in the background, suggesting the risk of being swept away. So far she has managed to stay dry. I do wonder why her left hand appears disproportionately large.