Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Blog Post

Time to try something new. New for me anyway. I tend to be an intensely private person, to a point of contention in my relationship, so posting a public journal is out there for me. The major theme of this blog will be my study and acquisition of tarots. It's been nearly 15 years since I purchased my first tarot deck, although I really couldn't say when I first became aware and interested in the subject. Since then I have amassed a collection that now numbers over 300 tarots and some 50 other decks in the form of oracles, games, trading cards, etc. Only a small fraction of those have been reading decks for me, and in the past few years I find myself primarily reading with just one deck, the small, simple, yet very special Hanson-Roberts Tarot (c) 1984 U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Why? It's easy to shuffle because of the size, the card backs are pretty, and the close-ups make it easier to connect with the people depicted and get what's going on.
I suppose I should kick this off with a draw, so what does the tarot have to say to me right now re: this blog? Page of Cups. The page is a student, someone beginning to develop her empathic abilities. This page wears her heart on her sleeve in the form of a brooch, similar to the vulnerability I feel putting my thoughts on a public space. She has a fish in her cup which represents imagination, I imagine that I will begin writing a little more, perhaps developing some of my readings into creative short stories. A large wave breaks in the background, suggesting the risk of being swept away. So far she has managed to stay dry. I do wonder why her left hand appears disproportionately large.


  1. What a fitting card for your first blog post!

    Perhaps the left hand is out of proportion because traditionally, the left hand is linked to the subconscious level. This would encompass things like intuition, psychic abilities, etc., which could relate to the Page of Cups rather well.

  2. Yes, the Page of Cups looks like an auspicious beginning, doesn't it. I like how Sara explained the possible significance of the left hand.

  3. Ohhhh, great deck choice! This is one of my main reading decks too - it goes where I go!

    I would agree with what Sara said about the left hand... The first word that sprang to mind for me was 'receptivity'.

    Nice start to the blog and best of luck with the rest!

  4. What a great card to start with. I particularly love this Page of Cups. I feel excited for you, it's as if the Page is a sign that a whole new creative and emotional world is opening up for you. I'm also using this deck at the moment and it's quite out of my comfort zone, but I love it's expressiveness. I look forward to following your blog.